Jimmy Watts is a soulful, grass roots, traveling blues-man with a uniquely raw sound and a passion for performing live.

An addict of magical music moments, he's been hunting down his music fixes on stages all over Australia for years.  He's intense and at home on the boards; and off stage he loses no intensity, but with no outlet he awkwardly observes life and filters his energy into a range of art forms.

Jimmy's self taught finger-picking style is a furious assault on the beaten and bloodied bodies of his acoustics, slides and electric guitars;  and his gravely, smoke filled vocals and roaring harmonicas only add insult to their injuries.

He describes his music as "The taste of a half-eaten gravel lasagna that has been licked by an Alaskan tundra wolf on a completely clear yet starless night; mixed with the colour of an over-ripe tangerine."  Did we mention he's also a bit of a poet and/or tosser.

After several years of illness, Jimmy has regained his health in the later half of 2014 and will be touring again over summer with his band of many misfits, all with talent and chops to spare.

Jimmy Watts is a unique and original gentleman of the road and a journeyman through and through.  A truly memorable performer and one of Australia's many great independent musical talents.